California Child Support Guidelines

Depending on your circumstances, you might need to resolve disputes surrounding child support, spousal support — or both. It is important to work with an experienced Fresno support attorney who can provide answers to your questions and legal guidance through the process.

In California, child support is determined by a formula. While this formula is largely dependent on income and the amount of time spent with the child, there are various other factors that need to be addressed. These factors can include, but are not limited to:

  • Tax filing status
  • Child care
  • Visits or travel expenses
  • School expenses
  • Health insurance

While it might seem straightforward at first, the child support calculator has numerous variables to consider. Are there additional expenses due to the child being one with special needs? Are there additional income sources that need to be uncovered? A lawyer can guide you through this process in the most professional, efficient manner possible.

Spousal Support And Alimony

Spousal support — often referred to as spousal maintenance or alimony — is the payment from one spouse to the other spouse. This support is meant to help a person pursue an education, seek job training and generally become financially stable after divorce. The determination of support is tied to several factors including, but not limited to:

  • Standard of living during marriage
  • Need
  • Duration of marriage
  • Education of the parties
  • Health of the parties

If you have additional questions regarding child support or spousal support, it is wise to discuss your matter with our office. We can be reached by phone at 559-500-3403 or through our online contact form.