Putting The Children First

One of the most hotly contested aspects of any family law matter centers on the care and well-being of the children. At our law office, we remain steadfastly focused on the best interests of the children. It is our goal to examine every custody case by answering the question what is best for the children, rather than what is most convenient for the parent.

Some family law matters become contentious, and the disputing couples begin to see the children as property or an asset. It is our goal to continuously refocus the proceedings to ensure that the best interests of the children are paramount.

Whether you have heard the terms physical custody, legal custody, visitation or parenting plans, they are all referring to the outcome that parents get to through the proceedings. In our experience, a lawyer can provide valuable insight and necessary guidance through matters including visitation, fathers’ rights or paternity issues as they relate to child custody.

Representing Clients Through Unique Circumstances

With multiple military bases and a significant prison population nearby, sometimes it is best to focus on visitation and establishing a timeshare rather than custody. No matter the complexity of your family situation, our office can help.

Contact Our Office

If you have questions or concerns regarding custody, visitation or the development of a parenting plan, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our office. Call 559-500-3403 or email the firm to set up an appointment.