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Family law matters can be emotionally charged and financially devastating. As your attorney it is our goal to get you through the legal process in the most efficient, stress-free manner possible. Since inception, our office has been committed to providing exceptional client service, individual attention and prompt communication no matter the complexity of the situation. Clients look to us for honesty, integrity and a realistic assessment of your legal dilemma — and a clear path through your challenges. We encourage you to schedule a consultation to discuss your specific situation.

We Describe Ourselves As Kid-Friendly, But What Does That Mean?

Even if both parents have the best intentions, splitting one family into two can have a devastating impact on a child. At the Law Office of Julie C. Jones, we remain dedicated to guiding our clients through the divorce process in the most compassionate, efficient manner possible. We take the time to learn about the entire family, and can provide direction throughout the legal process. Our goal is to resolve disputes quickly and effectively to lessen the stress that the entire family feels.